Article of the Month – All About Fostering


How you could be making a real difference in the lives of countless animals.


Almost every day your Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts about cats and dogs still looking for their new homes. If you can’t currently add a new permanent member to your fur-family, but you’d love to still make a difference in the lives of some lovely animals, then fostering is the perfect option for you.


Here are five things you may not know about fostering:

  1. TAR doesn’t have a physical animal shelter and for the last 10 years we’ve relied on fosters and volunteers to take care of all the animals we help until we find their forever homes.
  1. Fostering is extremely flexible and you can very easily work something out that suites both you and the shelter. So if you’re in a flat and can only help adult cats, or you’ve already got two dogs and can only foster dogs then that’s great!
  1. By fostering an animal it gets them ready for their forever homes and also gives the animals an opportunity to showcases their true personalities.
  1. If you have the time and ability to foster an animal but you may not have the extra money for food and vet bills then TAR can assist with these costs.
  1. Most importantly, every animal in a foster home is one less animal in a shelter. Many animal shelters struggle to accommodate the overwhelming amount of abandoned or unwanted animals and fostering greatly relieves some of these pressures and frees up much needed space in the animal shelters.




Deciding on which animals to foster depends on how much time you have available, if you live in a flat or a home, and if you have any children or other pets. If you would like to find out more about fostering one of the animals from TAR please visit our fostering page for more information or contact us. If you would like to donate, visit our donate page here.



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