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Toska’s new owner Mario responded to a picture we posted of Toska saying how much beauty he saw in this dog. Mario recently lost his legs, but will soon have prosthetics fitted and is looking forward to taking his first new steps with his dog who he named Tosca. We wish them both all the best!

Albie finds his servants…


Albie came from a litter of pups from Faure Wine Farm. The owners surrendered the female pups at a young age, but refused to give up the male pups, so Albie had to stay. We knew it was only a matter of time before ‘something’ would go wrong and we would be able to remove him and his siblings and friends.

He probably didnt realise how lucky he was when they all developed mange. Without treatment or decent nutrition this of course worsened to a point when the owner couldnt take it any more- they always worry that the kids might pick something up..

I received a call to remove all the remaining surviving pups as well as a few others in a pitiful state. And so Albie’s new life began… The pic here shows him a few days after coming to us.

With good nutrition, deworming & mange treatment, here he is 3 months later…


He was terrified at first, but soon came out of his shell & developed quite a character.. Many commented on his good looks, but he was a cheeky little guy. His favorite at the adoption days was to sit still watching people approach. As they got near he would launch at them excitedly. Other times he’d wait til they put their hands in before launching, barking excitedly at yet another ‘conquest’!

Then one day Neville came looking for a small dog for his mom. Albie went mental in the kitchen, pushing himself through the door, rushing into the lounge and leaping onto Nevilles lap.


I dont know who was more surprised-Neville or us!! Albie had chosen his owner!

How could Neville refuse?? A quick check with his wife and Albie went off to live with them. The minute he walked through their door, he decided which was his chair, where he would sleep, what he would eat,etc. It took a while to train his new owners, but he now has it down to a tee.. Needless to say the new kennel bought for Albie has never been used, instead he sleeps in the middle of the bed, regularly pushing one of his servants out to sleep on the couch..

I went to visit them recently and got this pic of Albie, preparing for a trip in the car- he now goes just about everywhere with Neville..

So, if you are looking for a dog…..

……remember they can choose you too….


Billybob collapsed on the right doorstep for sure, dehydrated and starving, he was near death. But, hes no fool! he knew that inside that house was a wonderful caring lady called Anni, who would help him and ensure he received only the best… He is a survivor for sure and very loyal, and now wants to spend the rest of his life in comfort, ie sleeping on the bed, couch, etc… Could you make his dreams come true? Billybob is available for adoption.

Look at Billybob’s very own video on Youtube here!

happy1We recently received an email from Penny Cross who adopted one of our wonderful dogs, Happy. By the looks of things, Happy’s life is one that all of our other rescue dogs can aspire to! :) Penny has given a brief description of each picture…

The first photo was the day that we met Happy at the Hathersage Market and I am in the photo with him.

Number 2 was Happy’s first morning in his new home and he was meeting these “rocks that move” for the very first time. It was quite entertaining to watch at the time but now he isn’t too bothered by the tortoises.


Having sent him (and me) to the parlour we were not sure that we got the same dog home (Photo 3).


Sometimes he is reluctant to walk, and picture 4 shows us just how he prefers to travel.


When he does walk (which we do daily), he really enjoys a good run as picture 5 showshappy5

Of course he has made himself very much at home (which didn’t take long) but we snapped him just as he got out of bed!


As a family we were hoping that Happy would love us all equally but as it happens he has taken a real shine to me, following me everywhere I go. He also loves riding in the car, any car, and if he could he would hop in any car with anyone. If I go out I haven’t ever questioned whether he is upset at me leaving or him missing the car ride! We had to leave him at the vet for the day recently and our house was very quiet without him, not that he makes much noise as he isn’t a barker.


Tiger came from a rough background. Her previous owner gave her to a domestic worker who didn’t take very good care of her. She was found in a very sorry state: painfully thin and she had lost a lot of her hair due to malnourishment.

With a bit of TLC and a lot more food than she was used to, she starting looking like a brand new dog. Tiger was a regular at the adopt-a-pet markets, but was often overlooked because of the constant influx of cuddly puppies that always got loads of attention and she knew that she wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world.

Then oneday, when Tiger’s hopes of being adopted had been dashed yet again, a man arrived in a fancy car and began looking at all of the dogs up for adoption. Tiger decided to try her usual barking trick to catch his attention…. and to her amazement she did! He turned to her and said, “What’s that that one called? Tiger? I want her”.

Tiger thought she had died and gone to doggy heaven! She thought that she would never hear those words: “I want her”.

Tiger was last seen being driven off in a sports car and licking the face her new dad, Johan. tigerNew2tigerAfterSML

The End :)

A few months back, a tiny little pup was destined to be put to sleep. Was he sick? No. Was he injured? No. The reason for ending his life was that his existence in this life was inconvenient to his owner. It had been decided that this tiny, helpless pup just wasn’t worth it. tweenyBabyPic

Thankfully, a vet took pity on the pup and saved it. He was then brought to Township Animal Rescue in the hope that we could find a home for him, a home where he could be loved and valued becuase he is definately worth that!

The little pup was named Tweeny (aka Poor Little Sausage) and it take long for him to charm the socks off everyone that had the honour of meeting him! He was adopted by a wonderful family, Maddy and Stewart Brown. These days Tweeny is called Charlie.


We recently had an update from the Browns, and judging by the photos that were sent, he has fitted into his family very well and seems to be a very lucky and much loved litle boy. Here’s What Maddy wrote:

“Good morning Vanessa and Jillian,

Just wanted to send you an update on Charlie. We chose this name as it suits his personality in so many ways.tweeny3

Charlie is doing great and really has been such a blessing to the family. Manny(the cat) and Charlie get along so well and are almost inseparable.

Every evening we take a walk in the Nature Reserve, and may I say… Charlie does not approve one guiding him on a leash but prefers to walk himself with it.

tweeny1May others find a loving friend like Charlie as we have. Thank you once againXx

Kind Regards

Maddy & Stewart”


On Thursday, the 3rd of March, our field worker Vanessa Cunningham was alerted to a box of puppies that been dumped in the township, Nomzamo where we carry out a lot of our work.

6 tiny, helpless puppies had been ripped away from their mother and shoved in a box, still with their umbilical cords attached. They were then dumped and left to die. Who would do such a thing?

Up until at least 2 weeks, puppies eyes remain closed, they are unable to go to the toilet on their own, their mother normally takes care of all of that as well as providing them with special mothers milk. If these pups had not been found, they probably wouldn’t have survived more than a few hours.

Thankfully, they were rescued and they have survived. They require around the clock care with bottle-feeding using a special canine milk replacement formula. Normally, the mother would lick their pups to stimulate them to toilet, but a bit of gentle rubbing with cotton wool soaked in warm water solves that problem!

Earlier on in this article I asked “Who would do such a thing?” and why? Part of me assumes that it must be a really sick individual that does not care about dogs, but they clearly owned and cared for the mother of these pups. I think a lot of the problem is because of the lack of sterilization of dogs in areas where people are unable or unwilling to care for puppies.

The cost of sterilization has gone up again, and even paying animal welfare rates means that a person would have to pay a few hundred Rand. The result is that more important costs will continue to take priority. There are waiting lists, but how many puppies will have to be born and then left to die before a person will eventually get their dog sterilised?

At Township Animal Rescue we work really hard to educate people on sterilizing their animals and subsidizing this cost, but ultimately, we ourselves have to pay vets to perform the surgery and we are struggling to keep up.

If you would like to make a donation to our Sterilization Fund please use the following banking details:

Account Name: Township Animal Rescue
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Somerset West
Acc. No. 915 822 44 88

Please use the reference: “SPAY” + “YOUR NAME” + “CONTACT NUMBER”



Recently 2 of our rescue dogs were adopted by Frans and Michelle van Eeden. From the sounds of things they have fitted in perfectly in to the their loving new home.

Here’s a bit of an update from Frans and Michelle:

“We adopted Precious and a rescued puppy that was simply called ‘Socks’ (because of his white paws). The two have now been christened Fomo (because she has a profound Fear Of Missing Out) and the puppy (sometimes) responds to ‘Duke’.

They are an absolute delight around the house ! Duke was very timid and shy but Fomo soon showed him how to climb out of his shell. Fomo is an immensely curious dog that loves exploring and playing while duke is still a puppy that is learning a new trick every day. The two get along extremely well and they seem to love their new home.”

Special thanks to Frans and Michelle for making two more tails wag today and everyday! :)

Woody_before1Poor little Woody, formally known as Joey, wes rescued with a horrendous case of mange and malnourishment. By the time he was 5 months old, his little body was almost completely hairless and covered in open sores. He spent a few weeks with TAR receiving treatment before being adopted by Sue Bassett and her family.

With Woody’s resilience and lots of lova and attention from his new family and 2 doggy siblings (Also rescued pets), he now looks like the little puppy he was always supposed to be! Sue recently emailed some photos and let us know how Woody was settling in:

Special Thanks to Sue and her family for giving Woody a new home and changing his life!

“Joey is now named Woody (because of his colouring) and is such a sweet little dog. He is loving and cuddly, playful and naughty – but in a cheeky, puppy way. He has fitted into our “family” perfectly and has our 9 year old Fox Terrier on her feet all day. Woody just wants to play and she is always game! Our older dog, 13 year old Lady, who lives up to her name, has taught Woody how to do his business outside and be good when food is on offer.

We are so pleased to have been able to adopt another dog from a rescue organisation (this is our 4th one) and know Woody will have a wonderful life with us. He still has “issues” with strangers, undoubtedly a residue from his previous life, but he is in training to become more social and well mannered! He has recovered completely from the mange and his coat is growing by the hour! His ears and tail are completely covered with hair now and he is a healthy 5 kg in weight.




I wish you could meet him as I think you will find the turn around remarkable in only a month! “

wollie1Wollie, now about 4 months old was brought in to Vanessa at TAR with a broken leg originally. A surgery was performed , and pins put in and once he was on the road to recovery, he was sent home.

Shortly after that, Vanessa went to check on him to see how he was doing and was shocked to find him in a terrible state; he was anorexic, has developed a lump on his neck and was really ill.

He was brought back to the vet, where they drained the lump, and tried to get him well again. Sadl, he was just too ill to eat. A specialist was called in and it was suspected that poor old Wollie might have developed mengitis. He was immediately treated with antibiotics and placed on a feeding tube. Finally after about a week he started to come right.

Vanessa took him home with her to continue his care, but he seemed to regress and refused to eat. To keep his strength up and keep him Wollie2on the road to recovery he had to be force fed every few hours. He didn’t seem to have an appetite for anything, they tried roast chicken, mince, fish… you name it… they tried it, but Wollie just wasn’t interested! Finally, in desperation, he was offered a bland piece of chicken cooked in the microwave, to everyone’s amazement, he loved it!

Wollie is now well on the road to recovery and has developed quite an appetite – he even tries to steal food from the other TAR dogs. He is also becoming a bit of a talker and makes the most hilarious sounds when he is ready to eat. He still has a little way to go, but has just recently started playing like a puppy. He’s still a bit wonky on his legs, but he’s got plenty of time to catch up on his puppy days!wollie2


Janine Groenewald-Stemmet adopted 2 gorgeous pups from TAR. I emailed her recently to see how they were getting on in their new home. Here’s what she wrote:

Our family adopted the 2 fluffy pups. We’ve named the black, tan and white one Rocky and our little black and tan is Scooby!

They’ve settled in so well and are growing literally by the day. They’ve have probably quadrupled in size since we adopted them.

Rocky has a mellow laid back attitude to all things even eating. He eats sedately and slowly, choosing to chew his food and take his time. Loves his afternoon nap, and cuddles in at bedtime in the evening.

Scooby is the biggest baby, who knocks all his food out of his food bowl in his haste to eat and the proceeds to wolf everything down and still tries to eat Rocky’s food too. He yaps at Rocky till Rocky is finished eating. He yaps and cries for mainly everything! But is the master of mischief!

JG5We have 2 other little dogs, a Jack Russell (Tiger) who only plays with them when we’re not looking and remains snooty at all other times when we ARE watching, and another rescue fluffy boy named Levi. I have enclosed a picture of him as well. You’ll notice how he sits at attention for a camera, such a sucker!

My husband picked him up alongside the highway in the middle of nowhere between Caledon and Villiersdorp. He was so small that he could fit into my hands and was covered in cigarette burns, open wounds and scabs. At that stage, we still had my German Shepard ( who was such a softy) and my bull terrier ( also a softy) and I emphatically said NO, we simply CAN’T keep him, I would find him a good home! Needless to say Levi has stayed and become one of the family, with the most unbelievable temperament!

If Levi were female he would most probably have tried to feed the pups, because from the day Rocky and Scooby arrived he has mothered them terribly. They cannot move without him watching over them and and tiring them out with play.

I’ve enclosed some photos of the pups, its impossible to get them to sit still and even more impossible to take a photo of them playing because they are so fast!


JG2* It sounds like these little chaps have settled in really well. It is wonderful to see them happy and playing around like puppies ought to be. A very big thanks to Janine and her family for taking in these orphans and showing them true love!

pupstbWinter time is always a big challenge for animals living in the townships. It is really tough for newborn pups to make it through the cold rainy night. This past winter we found ourselves with 16 puppies to look after! We are really pleased to report that ALL of them got homes. We have been trying to catch up with their new families to see how they have settled in at their new homes.

The mom of one set of pups, Cinders, has been living the township for quite a while. She was a very nervy girl and for a very long time we were unable to to catch her. Luckily Vanessa managed to get hold her to take her to the vets to be spayed, but it was too late, she was heavily pregnant already!

Cinders gave birth to 8 gorgeous pups.Cinders is still with us and looking for a good home now that her pups have been sorted out – check out the adoption page to see her.

I was recently in contact with Bernard Wathen who kindly adopted one of Cinder’s pups. Cody is now completely party of the family! He was adopted by the Wathen family when he was 6 weeks old. Even though some of the other puppies might have been more cuddly, Cody stood out from the other pups as far as they were concerned – it must have been those striking eyes! Being a mixed breed, they had no idea what size he would turn out to be, but the great big paws gave them an inkling!cody1

Cody has grown into a healthy and robust boy.

He constanly amuses his family because he is so big, but behaves like the puppy he is.

From all of us at the Township Animal rescue, thank you opening your hearts and giving Cody the kind of life he deserves!!

If you have had adopted a new pet from TAR, please do email us to let us know how they are getting on. Contact We would love to share you story!

Cassidy1Recently 2 tiny, malnourished kittens were dumped next a field by a passing car. Luckily for these 2 little bundles of fluff, a passerby heard their cries and rescued them, and took them to Township Animal Rescue. One of the kittens was very quickly adopted by a local vet.

The remaining kitten went along with many of the recused animals to the Adopt – A – Pet stand at the country craft market. It was there that little Cassidy won the hearts of a local family. Cassidy’s new mom recently emailed us…

“Our daughter is part of the Happy Days drummies, and we were at Southey’s Vines for their second march. We have just moved into a new house and were starting to look for a kitten when we saw her at the market on her own in a cage and talking to everyone going past.

My 8 year old son fell in love with her and after managing to twist Daddy’s arm we decided that she would be the perfect addition to the family. cassidy2

We went shopping immediately for food, toys etc for her and collected her at 3pm.

After much debate, the name Cassidy was decided upon because of the markings on her legs that look like she is a cowboy wearing chaps – and Butch wouldn’t do!!

She now runs the household including the dogs, and has not lost any of her vocal ability.I have attached three photos of her – one with Dylan, one perched on top of her favorite pair of shoes and the other, blissful sleep after an exciting day.

Kind regards


bonnetbeforeBonnet was brought to TAR when they were working in Lwandle. She was only a kitten, but had experienced more than enough horror for 9 lifetimes.

BonnetBonnet’s skull was open to the bone and her ears had been cut off. She was also riddled with ringworm. With excellent guidence from the vet, much love and care from Jillian and Vanessa and Bonnet’s own magical strength to survive, she was able to pull through and recover.

Bonnet continued to live with Jillian and Vanessa where she was loved and adored.