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20th of May 2018 08:08 PM Link
Red was born in December 2016 in Zola township, Nomzamo.

She was sharing a kennel with her sister, Granny, and we noticed that she was losing weight. Thinking that Granny was getting all the food, we separated them, but Red continued losing weight. It then became clear that she was depressed. Amazingly at the same time a wonderful foster family came forward.
Red jumped out our bakkie as if she had won the lottery and has thrived there. Alas, Red cannot stay as the people are swallows, returning to Canada on 10 June for their summer.
It would be tragic to send her back to kennels again.

Please can you open your heart and home to Red?
If not please share

Her history: Her and her siblings were locked in a box for the first weeks of their lives, a box that was rarely cleaned. After their removal, mom was spayed and the property watched closely. After a few more removals and even deaths, the people here finally stopped taking in dogs, so Red really is one of the lucky ones to survive.

To adopt Red please apply via or email or call 084 423 5991....
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20th of May 2018 07:15 AM Link
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19th of May 2018 04:54 PM Link
MISSING from kennels in Ottery/ Schaapkraal since this morning (19/5/2018).
MONIS , spayed female, 2,5 years old.

She is nervous when approached and doesn't know the area.

Please call 084 423 5991 with any info and please share
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15th of May 2018 08:39 PM Link
Meet Chief. Some of you might have met him already at an adoption day as he's been a patient in our care for a while now.
He dislocated his back leg but it was left too long before we were called to help. The vets tried strapping it up but it didn't work so he had to have a femur head amputation operation. That's when he had to wear this cone.
He is responding well to his exercises and will soon be running on all 4's at full speed. With those ears he might even be able to fly ;-)
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14th of May 2018 06:45 AM Link
Wow, what a weekend that was!!! Thank you to eveyone who came out to help, support, donate, adopt....
We'll update adoptions as soon as we can.

Pictured here is Schnitzel enjoying his baby time ;-)
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13th of May 2018 10:49 AM Link
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