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20th of September 2017 10:34 AM Link
Something that we see and experience far more than we should... Dont worry, video has a happy ending
20th of September 2017 10:24 AM
Todays quiz:
If you change your dogs food why should you do so gradually?
1. Because dogs are sensitive to colours
2. Because there is a risk of liver failure
3. Because this will help avoid problems the dog might have digestibg the new food.
20th of September 2017 04:05 AM Link
HERBIE: born +-4 July 2016:.
Cute young gentleman Herbie is still looking for a home. For those who don't know, Herbie and his puppy siblings were rescued from a cold dark wet township alley at night when we learned that they were about to be sold or killed.

If interested in fostering or adopting this lovely boy, please contact us here, at 084 423 5991 or
If you'd like to help but can't foster or adopt, Please Share and see our donation page here:
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19th of September 2017 10:38 AM
And todays quiz is:
What can help reduce the risk of urinary stones?
1. A mixed diet
2. Splitting meals into smaller portions
3. Making sure the cat can chew on grass
4. Choosing a food specifically formulated to lower the risk of stones
18th of September 2017 06:19 AM
Today's quiz:
What are the vibrissae of a dog?
1. The folds of the intestinal mucosa
2. The valves separating the ear from the ventricle
3. The hairs on the face
17th of September 2017 08:12 PM Link
"Madams", you have so much power and responsibility.
I am sure that there are some of you who use that power wisely, but I would like to discuss those of you who fail miserably in this regard.
At least once a week a 'problem' is brought to our attention that was caused by "Madam".

This time Madam gave 8 kittens to her foreign worker. EIGHT KITTENS!! How many people do you know who could afford to look after 8 cats? Now what if I tell you that this worker lived in a shack, rented in someone's yard?!

Now fast forward to a year later. Foreign worker has long since left his shack and left the kittens behind. Obviously the kittens are now fully grown and guess what happens next?!

Luckily for them a kind lady moved into the house and felt sorry for these starving cats. She fed them when and what she could afford..little milk and bits of meat. Suddenly one gives birth and she realizes that this has gone way beyond what she can cope with and she calls for help.

If only "Madam" had called for help with her 8 kittens, we wouldn't be sitting with this problem right now.
How the black cat survived that long is a mystery. Kind lady did say that people started questioning her when they saw her feed a black cat. The questioning went on to become allegations, but she brushed them off...

Back to "Madam", I bet you are one of those ladies who loudly state how all the (welfare) problems come from the townships...
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