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15th of January 2018 12:41 PM Link
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14th of January 2018 03:55 PM Link
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9th of January 2018 11:34 AM Link
I wonder.... would life have been easier for me had I been first in line when looks were handed out?
I wonder...... would my owners have cared more if I was cute and fluffy?
I wonder..... if I will survive whatever is making me feel ill- most likely the millions of ticks and fleas and worms....
And I wonder if anyone would choose me as their loving loyal pet if I do survive?

Neighbour called in about this ill pathetic older puppy yesterday. Hes been treated for biliary and ticks and fleas and has eaten a little... Theres hope...
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7th of January 2018 02:58 PM Link
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4th of January 2018 04:26 PM Link
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31st of December 2017 09:33 AM Link
Its boring being the only one awake. Please come visit us at Petworld Somerset West.. we're here until 2pm ish
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