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The adoption fee is R750 for dogs (pensioner discounts available) and R650 for cats unless otherwise stated. This includes all vaccinations, deworming, spaying and neutering. Homechecks apply.

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You can view many of the dogs and cats of Township Animal Rescue that have already been adopted and many of their stories here.

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Female, date of birth: 31 October 2016. Puppy picture

From her foster carer: “She is honestly the most lovable, loyal dog I have ever met. Would be absolutely perfect for a little boy or girl to play with and give love to. She has made SO much progress from being skittish and completely scared of men, to a beautiful, gentle soul that just wants to give (and receive) some love. Unlike most labs, she doesn’t dig at all. And I’ve just gotten her to understand what a ball is, and how to fetch it





Picture #2!






Herbie, his brother Henry and their siblings were rescued when we had learned that they were all about to be sold or killed. They were rescued from a dark, cold and wet alley in the township at night! According to a neighbour the puppies apparently cried under her window non-stop. The rest of their siblings are already adopted, one unfortunately passed away. Date of birth is approximately 4th of July 2016. Male. Picture #2 Puppy Pictures


dieselMale, born May 2016. Lovely boy.



female 9 months

Female, Born around September 2016





Luna Red

Female, date of birth December 2016. Picture 2 Puppy picture


Female (yes!), date of birth December 2016 Puppy Pictures





Doglet was picked up in January 2015. She must have been hit by a car as she had a sore leg and limped (she is now fully recovered). She’s a real character and has a wonderful and unique personality. She gets on well with others and has even loved sleeping with kittens. Share please to give Doglet a chance for a home of her own. Born in 2013.







Her owner decided to get a new puppy and so threw her into our vehicle to be taken away. At first she trusted no one but is now extremely playful. Excellent watch dog. About 1 year old.



We have known Snoopy for a few years in Nomzamo township. A couple of months ago she was run over and suffered a broken jaw,. We had this repaired and in early December her owners contacted us saying that they were moving back to Eastern Cape and would not be taking Snoopy with. Adult female, she has a calm temperament.






Male. He is adorable and very sweet. Born end of November 2015.







A beautiful female kitten. Her identical sister Jessie is also available.

Kit Kat


This is Kit Kat, our previously adopted dog’s puppy. Born in May 2015. She was adopted but sadly was returned as she grew too big for her previous owner. She is very active and loves to play with other dogs. Also very affectionate, but can be a little shy at first.




Female, Puppy. Born around 23/10/2015.


Female. Sweet and well behaved. As you can see here she’s wonderful with small children! Born end of November 2015. Picture 2/3



Female. She is a beautiful soul and has waited far too long for a home. She is available for fostering or adoption.



Picture # 2

Sporty came to us as Spotty, but as she doesn’t have any spots we changed her name.. She is a young spayed female who had a happy beginning as a very young pup in Nomzamo. All the neighbours loved her and encouraged her by throwing out their scraps of food. As she grew she became less and less popular and when she started to poo after eating she was shoo’d away. She then got pregnant and gave birth… over the road from her owner.. Her owner didnt want to deal with any more complaints about this poor girl so called me to take them all away. She was very malnourished and her nipples were bleeding. How hard it must have been to understand why the people who fed her and loved her suddenly were chasing her away… She is a playful and friendly pooch.

Sporty is a medium size adult female, mix breed.

To learn more about how to go about adopting a pet, you can read this article.

You can view many of the dogs and cats of Township Animal Rescue that have already been adopted and many of their stories here.

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